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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's a bit obvious, but...Blogs

I've been following blogs for probably about a month an a half now. Apparently I'm way late in the game, since it was 2004: Big Year for Blogs. Now I have to say, I have a personal blog, to help keep my family & friends updated, etc. I am by far the first person of anyone I know to have any sort of blog. Since I use MSN Spaces, most of them think it's just a new kind of online photo album. (Although I have to say that for ease of use, I love Spaces.)

US: Everyone is trying to figure how to use blogs to make money. I mean, that's what it's all about, right? When Business Week published Blogs Will Change Your Business last week, everyone was all over it. But we have yet to see the true impact of blogs. Like many new trends, there will be many blogs that are created and deserted the following day, but there are some that will survive and be amazingly useful.

I have kept my Favorite Blogs section rather short right now, because although I am following more than 20 blogs right now, I really only look forward to a small portion of the posts. Okay, well I haven't said anything new here that hasn't been said a million times in the past.

Mexico: The trend is just starting up here, and probably 99.99% of the population couldn't tell you what a blog is here. It will catch on more quickly here with the kids. Check out the links on the sidebar to Blog Directories, and compare the entries in the US version to the Mexico version. We're just getting started. Interesting read:Slowly coming to grips with international blogs from Business Week.

...Slightly off the topic: I'm currently starting a business here that relies on the internet for all of the purchases, and I am one of the very few in Mexico that will offer this. The culture here is becoming more internet savvy, but internet purchases are still not at all common. (Something you must know about doing business in Mexico is that the mail service is completely unreliable, so if you need to send anything, even a letter, it needs to go through a service such as FedEx. This really increases costs for a lot of businesses, and makes other business models from the US difficult to implement here.) And although Mexico is behind in everything "e", don't be surprised when they catch up soon. Telmex (Telefonos de Mexico) offers broadband service, restaurants around Mexico now offer wireless access, and even if people don't have internet at home, internet cafes are abundant and busy.


At 7:15 PM, Blogger Neville said...


You seem to be in a good place at the perfect time. China is old news. Mexico is a relatively undiscovered GOLD MINE.

With wireless internet, the infrastructure for home-broadband will no longer be needed, meaning a booming internet population in Mexico in the near future.

I have several internet businesses, so I can perhaps offer guidance on yours. The internet age boomed in the United States already, now you just have to copy-cat the system and introduce it to Mexico with a few minor tweaks.

You are literally sitting ontop of a goldmine if you pull this off correctly. Let me know more about your business sometime!


At 7:26 PM, Blogger Rebecca Carter said...

Hey Neville, thanks for visiting! Yes, there is so much opportunity here, and as I've said before, I believe that a lot of success can be found here just by taking business models that work in the US and tweaking them to work for the culture/infrastructure here.

I have lots of ideas for internet businesses here in Mexico, but some of them would require product distribution (delivery)...and that's where there is a big kink in the system here...if you want to make it inexpensive.

Other ideas that I have are other online services, but I also have an issue with time/resources...I wish I could work faster, and would love to find some partners so that we can take on more at one time.

If you ever have any specific Mexico ideas that you're thinking of and want to discuss, please let me know!


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Neville said...

I'm flattered that I made it onto your favorite blogs list....up there with Dane Carlson's site, which I love by the way!

I do have certain business ideas in mind which could possibly involve you, but I am under contract not to say for the time being.

In the meantime, I would like to see you carry out your business...QUICKLY. Once word gets out that Mexico is a hotspot for internet business, you will get left behind, so act now.

Your site brings something new to the table instead of the same-ol-same-ol stuff.

Keep up the good work,

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Rebecca Carter said...

Nev, whenever you are ready and able to discuss any ideas, I'm open to it.

I'm working on moving fast & picking up the pace...! It's tough, but we'll get there.

Hope you keep coming back and checking out this site. After reading your comments I made a new post today onSending Money Home to try and address a topic a little closer to home here in Mexico.



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