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Monday, June 20, 2005

Need a little time off...

I'm planning on taking a couple of days off of blogging, because I'm trying to prepare for my move, and I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day!

If anyone would like to "guest blog" here on Trendy Tendencias, I'd be glad to have you!

Otherwise you might want to browse around some of the trend sites that I have linked to on the sidebar. Don't forget that I am also now a contributor at PSFK, and you can check out some of my previous posts there.

Thanks, and if you'd like to contact me, just leave a comment and I'll get back in touch with you.



At 2:07 PM, Blogger Octavio Rojas said...

Dear Rebecca...

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña, a Mexican-Spanish blogger, that is about to launch a blog company.
We are going to have 3 business activities:
- Niche publications (i.e. Gawker Media, Weblogsinc, etc.)
- Blog services
- Blog consulting

I am exploring the possibility of launching a blog for Latinos in the USA.
I know I am not original, since there are dozens of you guys that are doing a great job.
The thing is that we could make a team and work something out. Something really valuable and relevant for the Latino population.
I have been in contact with Jennifer of Latin-Know: The Latino Marketing Report and she is enthusiastic of being one of the editors.

I won't give you detailed information because first I want to know from you if this initiative is something that may interest you.
If yes, please, send me an email and will brief you appropiately with all the information that I have.

Best regards,

Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña
contacto (at)

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Rebecca Carter said...

Octavio, I'm sorry for the delay. I'm in the process of moving right now and I'm just so busy will all of those details. The more I'm involved in the blog world, the more I am finding value in "group blogs", such as the blog that I've been contributing to (although not recently): PSFK. I would love to be involved in anything that you get started. Please keep me posted. A few things to note are that I am personally not Latina, and don't know if that matters to you. I can write in English or in Spanish, but my Spanish winds up having quite a few mistakes!

Thanks so much for contacting me and I look forward to hearing from you again,



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