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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Piracy in Mexico, and many countries like Mexico has always been a big problem. A country where the law is at times very flexible & salaries are low...becomes a formula for piracy.

Here in Mexico City you can get DVDs of movies that are in the theaters, CDs, purses, and all sorts of other knock-offs. (Although I'm sure in New York you can find the same things.) However this recent article about piracy in Mexico I found quite interesting.

Tidbits of note from the article:
  • 300,000 people in Mexico are selling pirated products for a living
  • New products are now being pirated: Condoms (which imposes a health risk)
  • Pirated CDs account for 60% of music sales in Mexico

Mexico has recently engaged in what I think/hope will be a fairly successful anti-piracy campaign. The slogan that is kind of repeated throughout translates to the effect that Pirated movies look bad (quality of the picture), and by buying them, it looks bad (they are really showing how it's hard to teach your kids right and wrong if you bend the rules on things like piracy).

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