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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Customization, Design Your Own Stuff & Have Your Own Online Store

I'm kind of combining 3 trends into one post here, because I feel like they can be very much related. Look at a company like where you can create your own T-Shirts, have your own online store, or buy any one of their 8 million existing products.

As you look around the web (and even my own blog) people can set up their own shops, be it through Amazon or any number of other sites such cafepress mentioned above...and it's quite easy! A Blogspotting post talked about this last week...and if it poses a threat to eBay.

And we are also seeing a huge "customization" trend...Customers designing their own products or having ways to give their input to the companies that they frequent.

Customization of motorcycles is creating a challenge for mechanics, as well. This trend is said to be related to the program "American Chopper", and I imagine that "Pimp My Ride" is doing the same for cars!

So bringing the two topics back together: You can make your own products and easily set up your own online store...and at the same time we are seeing a big demand for anything "unique". Normally unique = expensive but I think some companies are figuring out how to still be original on a budget.

And just to let everyone know, I was traveling the last couple of weeks and am now back I will be back to daily posts again.


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