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Monday, May 16, 2005

Environment Series,# 1...Global warming, worse in Mexico City

I've been wanting to address the environment and Global Warming, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to start the discussion. Let me first just say that I'm freaking out about the environment. I'm in the US this week, and I just can't get over the amount of trash that is being created by Americans, in the name of convience. (I mean, individually wrapped orange wedges??) But, of course, the US is not the only to blame...we are doing it all over the world.

So even though I'd love to address a trend that is leaning towards protecting the environment (we could talk hybrids, but there is nothing new to report there), I sadly have to discuss the trend that has been created by such a mess in this warming.

I just found an article stating that the world's average temperatures have risen about 0.6 C (~1.1. F) in the past 100 years, while the temperatures of Mexico City have risen a whopping 4 C, (~7.2 F)! This rise is attributed to the removal of trees for more concrete & buildings, which affects the weather, etc. We should expect record highs & lows, and weird weather phenomenons such as floodings. They predict that over the next 20 years the temperature could increase another 2 C (3.6 F).

The fact is that even if only a few people are paying attention to the environment now...we will all be forced to look at it in the future. We NEED to support alternative energies and recycling, save forests, and anything else that we can think of to save this planet.

And I know, money talks...and getting in on this now, in any way that you can, will pay off...because soon we will have no choice!


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