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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Previous Post Updates: New News, Similar Trends

Being gone for so long, I had TONS (100s) of my Yahoo Keyword News Alerts to review, and as I finally finished last night, I had about 10 new topics that I wanted to post about. But I also saw some similar topics that related to some posts that I had previously made. So I thoughts that I would revisit those for a minute:

1. In my Childhood Obesity post, I explored new businesses that are resulting from this growing trend. Well yesterday I found an article about Yoga for kids, that may not necessarily be as a result of childhood obesity, but could be a result of: A) a new fitness trend for kids or B) the fact that kids are just naturally more mature these days and may be subject to much more stress than we ever were.

In any case I think it's a great idea, because my 8 year old niece loves doing yoga with me, and I figured that there must be a specially designed program for kids.

2. In my Environment: Global Warming post, I started a series of posts, which I will continue soon, to talk about the mess that is happening with this planet. This week I came across another article that talks about how the Earth's surface is brighter now. While there seems to be some scientific debate about this that I'm sure I wouldn't understand even with more detail, this seems to mean that more heat is reaching the ground.

3. And finally, in regards to my post that actually got a little bit of discussion going (yeah!), Pregnancy & Ultrasound Centers, I found something that somehow I feel is "similar but different": Medi-Spas. The idea here is that you can do a little bit of shopping, go to the spa, go to the dentist, and maybe even get your annual physical exam all in one spot. I guess I'm seeing the similarities here in that Medical services are being customized, just like everything else right now (see yesterday's post).

It seems to me that most of the new services are really catering to the $$$ upper-class $$$.

These trends that I'm discussing are basically based on the US view. I still haven't seen anything like these topics in Mexico yet.


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