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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Revisit: Publix Sabor

Today I'd like to revisit one of my first posts, Hispanic Marketing Case Study: Publix Sabor. As many of you know, I know live in Miami - Latin America's capital inside the US. I really thought that it would be a lot easier to find Mexican products here than it is. I can't find good tortillas, and it took me 3 grocery store trips before I found serrano chiles. So my strategy has been that each week that I go to the grocery store, I visit a different branch. As I was on the Publix website, I realized that there was a Publix Sabor store not too far away. I remembered posting on this store in May and decided to check it out.

It certainly does look a bit different...the sign out in the front of the store does not use the typical Publix logo, but a more colorful logo. The bakery offers hot cuban bread, fresh Colombian bread loaves, and guava & cheese turnovers among others.

There was a larger selection of salsas and fresh cheeses than I have seen in other "regular" grocery stores, but I still think that Mexico is not as strongly represented as it could be.

Something I would encourage Publix Sabor: offer even more produce items that are not pre-packaged. Recently coming from Mexico, I could select all of my produce by hand. I am not interested in buying squash that is behind plastic on a styrofoam tray (besides the fact that it is a huge waste of materials, I like to choose my veggies and the amount).

I think that the Publix Sabor stores will be popular and successful as long as they pay attention to the first rule of real estate: Location, location, location.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Invisible Blogger

Most of you probably think that I have dropped off of the face of the earth. Actually, my life is just a bit crazy now. I'm also involved in a couple of group blogs at the moment, which I believe may be the key to the future. Please check me out at and I will soon be announcing another new blog soon.

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