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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

40% of Mexicans Would Move to US

This article lays out the results of a study conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center.

Over 40% of Mexicans say they would move to the US if they could, and 20% would do it, even if it meant crossing illegally.

What's interesting is that the numbers don't change as significantly as you would think for college graduates. Over 33% want to come to the US, and 12.5% would do so illegally.

Once you think about it, though, the results can't be that surprising. The thing is that even people that are in the US illegally are making so much more money than they would in Mexico. The minimum wage in Mexico is about $4 USD a it's almost $7 USD/hour. Many college graduates in Mexico get about $12,000 USD / year in Mexico for a job that would pay about $40,000 USD / year in the US.

Talking about the corporate level, a few years ago when the economy was super hot in the US, it was so easy to get a work visa sponsored by a company because there just weren't enough people to do the work in the US. When the economy busted and unemployment was high, you couldn't find a soul to sponsor you.

One last quote from the article:

More immigrants come to the United States from Mexico (population 106 million) than any other country.

This is one trend I don't see going out of style!


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