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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Revisit: Publix Sabor

Today I'd like to revisit one of my first posts, Hispanic Marketing Case Study: Publix Sabor. As many of you know, I know live in Miami - Latin America's capital inside the US. I really thought that it would be a lot easier to find Mexican products here than it is. I can't find good tortillas, and it took me 3 grocery store trips before I found serrano chiles. So my strategy has been that each week that I go to the grocery store, I visit a different branch. As I was on the Publix website, I realized that there was a Publix Sabor store not too far away. I remembered posting on this store in May and decided to check it out.

It certainly does look a bit different...the sign out in the front of the store does not use the typical Publix logo, but a more colorful logo. The bakery offers hot cuban bread, fresh Colombian bread loaves, and guava & cheese turnovers among others.

There was a larger selection of salsas and fresh cheeses than I have seen in other "regular" grocery stores, but I still think that Mexico is not as strongly represented as it could be.

Something I would encourage Publix Sabor: offer even more produce items that are not pre-packaged. Recently coming from Mexico, I could select all of my produce by hand. I am not interested in buying squash that is behind plastic on a styrofoam tray (besides the fact that it is a huge waste of materials, I like to choose my veggies and the amount).

I think that the Publix Sabor stores will be popular and successful as long as they pay attention to the first rule of real estate: Location, location, location.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Neville said...

I've never heard of Publix, but I did some research on them, hoping to purchase some stock.

On their website it says they do not issue public stock, they are however listed on the OTC.BB exchange, so I think I may be able to buy.

H.E.B. stores around my area seem to be popular within the Hispanic community. 1.) because HEB will actually open stores in the dense Hispanic areas of Austin, and 2.) because they make the stores hispanic-based (Almost every employee speaks Spanish and most of the aisles are labelled with English AND Spanish tags.

Thanks for the great posts, keep it up!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Rebecca Carter said...

huh, that's weird...I just saw this on the site, I guess that's what you found:

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Jordaniel said...

Have you tried Sedano's? How does it compare with Publix Sabor? I'm happy with the latin products in Sedano's but I'm Venezuelan, not Mexican. Usually I find Mexican products everywhere else outside of South Florida easily and I can understand your frustration -- it's so hard to find Venezuelan products outside of South Florida in supermarkets!

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